Building description

Living space: 75 sq. m.
Terrace: 50 sq. m.
Total area: 125 sq. m.
Bedrooms: 2
Bathroom: 1
Kitchen and living room with open floor plan.

Foundation: Concrete for some houses,
piling for others.
Floor slab: Overhanging reinforced concrete.
House frame: Concrete pillars and beams.
Roof: Traditional roof tiling on steel frame.
Exterior and interior walls: Cement blocks

Supplementary details
Exterior walls: stucco in two layers and painted
Interior walls plastered and painted
Interior ceilings of plasterboard and painted
All windows of wood and varnished
Fencing around the terrace
Exterior and interior doors of wood
Wardrobes of wood
Terrace deck covered with fiber-reinforced
concrete planking
Bathroom and bedroom: tiled floors
Living room: hardwood flooring

Fully equipped kitchen according to drawings.
Complete sanitary installations including hot water in kitchen and bathroom
Complete air conditioning system with separate units in living room and bedrooms
Complete electrical installation with tubing for telephone and TV cables

Connection and subscription fees and costs for own consumption are paid by the home owner. Deed and transfer fees to the authorities are paid by the seller. All prices are in Tha baht and are subject to change in the event of major exchange rate changes. The seller reserves the right to change prices in the future. When a contract is signed, the contracted price applies.

Built by Sai Noi Properties Co. LTD - Swedish Management