Khao Tao is a genuine fishing village that thus far has been relatively unaffected by tourism in Hua Hin. Construction is in progress in several areas just outside the village, however, with the result that a number of convenience stores have been opened. In the village, there is also a resort (Khao Tao Beach Resort) that has a very excellent restaurant. A point on which there is a monastery separates the charming Sai Noi Beach from the seven-kilometer long beach up toward Hua Hin.

Sai Noi Beach is our “own” beach located just 600 meters from the houses. There are no crowds here. Local residents who know the beach, however, prefer to come here to get away from the more frequented beaches. There are several small restaurants where you can enjoy a refreshing drink or simple Thai food.

In Hua Hin, there are nine golf courses, of which the closest is 2 km from Khao Tao.


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